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Unearthing the stories that give place meaning and identity

Every place has its own unique set of challenges and opportunities; our role is to explore and analyse the place and identify the best practice in neighbourhood engagement.

We live and breathe each place and apply our unique insights into destination planning to develop holistic strategies, plan of action and roadmaps to turn ordinary places into vibrant destinations.


Connecting people and place, to create experiences that make a real difference.
Our placemaking services include:
Creative placemaking
Neighbourhood planning and stakeholder engagement
Signage and wayfinding
Place enhancement and beautyfication
Place activation
Events and marketing calendar planning
Public realm activation
Place engagement
Pop-up initiatives
Guerrilla marketing
Strategy and action planning
Community engagement
Place Activation

We understand the place and it’s people’s needs and requirement, from implementing events to public space engagement, we always making sure that places perform and deliver at every stage.

Creative Events

Bespoke creative events that capture the imagination, bringing new experiences to the community and your destination. Boost your footfall, build a presence and increase exposure. Events can be used to interact and get to know your customers, increasing customer loyalty in the process. We constantly evaluate and analyse our event strategy, to really home in on your demographic and build on the success of previous events.

Turn your property into a destination

We are specialists in transitioning places from where they are to where they need to be. We use light, short and long-term tactics to create spaces that deliver a measurable impact to the people and community around them, as well as ongoing upward trends and support for our clients.

We provide more than strategic advice. We deliver a hands on approach that enables you to activate your property whether new or established. We work nationally on every scale, from small businesses to mixed-use developments and  large-scale retail centres.


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