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You’ve read some of our favourite things here but in this office, we all love a good rant. Everyone leapt at the chance to write about something they hate. Worryingly, some of us found it far easier to pick something for this rather than a memory tin object.

Tom  – Account Executive

I absolutely hate Nu-folk/Indie folk/British revival folk/ what-ever-the-hell-you-want-to-call-it. In fact anything with the word “Nu” annexed on the front of it when referring to genres should be hated on principle on alone but this genre is particularly hate worthy.

Munford and Sons are the main culprits. Thanks to their insane global success I’m hearing the likes of Avicci and David Guetta jump on the band wagon and smash two genres together to make folk-dance.

Folk. Dance. Just read that aloud. It makes you never want to listen to Radio One again.  And it all started with this bloody folk revival. Nu-Folk doesn’t need to be left in a tin for ten years, it needs to be shoved in a ten ton safe, wrapped in chains, taken out to sea and dropped to the bottom of the Mariana Trench.


Jo – Team Support

People that over take on Leeds Road, although there is technically an ‘overtaking lane,’ when the left hand lane is stand still traffic you should not have the audacity or arrogance to overtake! I must admit that this is one of the reasons I don’t drive into Harrogate via Leeds road (P.S I believe Craig once said that he was one of THOSE people).

leeds road

Lily – Account Manager

Here goes… Idleness. It drives me mad especially as most of the time I am in a rush, which I also hate.  I think pavements, airports and any public walking place should be split into two so that people who are in a rush can go in one lane and other people can have a gentle stroll without getting in the way. Problem solved!



Tushar – PR Team

I can’t stand club promoters. You’ll be causally on Facebook chatting to friends when an unexpected message comes up from someone you vaguely know and have barely spoken to asking if you are heading out. Or you get the flood of Facebook invites to join some awful pretentious event at an extremely average overrated nightclub.

There’s also the classic scenario when you’re out with your friends when a promo person approaches, attempts to sell you tickets for their venue and you have no intention of going whatsoever.

If I had a one wish it would probably be for vast wealth and superpowers, however ridding the world of promoters would definitely be up there – along with people who say on route instead of en route.


Ellie – Social Media Executive

People who use excessive exclamation marks!!!!!!! Stop it.

Studying journalism we got told exclamation marks are “screamers” and not to use them. Whenever I see a sentence with an exclamation mark, especially if it has more than one, in my head I read always it in a loud, aggressive voice. I know this is probably unreasonable but I can’t help it – exclamation marks just make me shudder. I understand they can be used to make emails, texts and social media updates more conversational but oh how I wish that wasn’t the case. I really do hate them!

John – Creative Artworker

I really hate people who think the indicators on their cars are optional extras. Normally they’ll be in a Beemer or a Chelsea Tractor, but its not exclusive to pillocks in fancy cars.

Whether I’m driving, walking or on my bike, nothing gets me swearing quicker than people who don’t know how to indicate! Mirror, signal then manoeuvre, you a****holes! And get in the right lane first too! The number of times I’ve almost been hit by idiots who shouldn’t be allowed behind the wheel is frightening.

And even more infuriating, the bloody idiots who indicate after they started turning. I can see what you’re doing already, you imbeciles! The indicators are to let me and other unlucky road users know what you’re doing BEFORE you do it not after you’ve almost killed me!


Emma – Senior Account Manager

I know it’s childish but I hate vegetables – my veggie tolerance spans to that of a four-year-old. I mainly eat carrots, peas and sweetcorn.

I was at a dinner party and the main course was a “vegetable intensive risotto.” I swiftly grabbed my wine glass and prepared for the separation of vegetables and rice – not easy in a creamy risotto

My most hated vegetables are mushrooms, peppers and the dreaded onions. It goes to the extent of me asking in restaurants if dishes are made with onions because most don’t declare the evil inclusion on the menu. At home, I cook with onions for my husband but none will appear anywhere near my plate.

And yes, they make me cry – what more is there to say in the argument against onion, anything that makes you cry for non-happy reasons should be destined for extinction. Yet I even grow the damn things in my veg plot – it’s not something I’m proud of.


Sam – Head of PR

The middle back seat of a car – I hate travelling in the back of a car anyway but there is a special sort of hate I reserve for the middle back seat. Not only does it make me feel queasy but I spend most of the journey trying not to squash fellow passengers with every turn of the wheel. I hate hate HATE it!


Kirstyn – Managing Director

Flying. I fly quite a lot but still absolutely hate it. I hate the feeling of claustrophobia and of being out of control. It stems from me once seeing a plane crash so it is not without reason but it is my absolute biggest fear and hatred.


Craig Marshall – Head of Design

People don’t always seem to be able to relate to mine, which I think is even weirder. I can’t stand the noise of people making any noise while eating. This is only made worse when it is in places you can’t get away from, the desk next to you, on public transport (seriously what are you thinking?, and when the food stinks, do you just have no manners.) and the cinema. There should be a written rule.

I once got on a train back from London, and for a second I thought I had the luxury of two free seats. Until this huge guy traps me in the window seat, and pulls out a burger and fries. Not even a relatively scentless McDonalds. It was one from a dirty takeaway shop that he chomped his way through, leaving most of the smell dripped down his shirt. Anyway rant over… crisps are the worst.



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