Summertime entertainment at The Galleries – Wigan

For the eighth year running, The Galleries Shopping Centre in Wigan has been home to a manmade beach that attracts visitors from far and wide. Our approach this year was to create a number of themed events across the six week period to help drive footfall and increase dwell time through the scheme.
But with over 3,000 sandcastles built, 1,000 ice-creams eaten, over 6,000 visitors and a fantastic schedule of summer activities, it takes a lot of behind-the-scenes preparation.
How exactly does it work?

The Beach has its home in Woodcock Square, that first of all sees 100 square feet of decking installed and 40 metres of fencing erected in just a matter of hours. That’s about 20,000 nails worth of hammering!

After the team have had a night to give their muscles a rest, seven o‘clock in the morning hails the delivery of over eight tonnes of sand…that’s the equivalent of nearly four baby elephants!

24 cups of coffee and eight very tired team members later, The Beach is ready to launch and welcome thousands of guests who want to be a part of the festivities. Even the Mayor of Wigan, Phyllis Cullen, came down to join in the celebrations…

From a Pirate Takeover and a Dance Party to a Traditional Beach Day and exotic dancers, adults and children have been treated to a wide variety of entertainment and games – right in the heart of Wigan and all for free…

Before its closure on Wednesday 20th August, over 6,000 people played in the sand, stepped on the decks and joined in on one of Wigan’s biggest public celebrations, going down in The Galleries history books as another fantastic summer.

When the Beach is all packed up and ready to go, the sand is scooped up and taken to its shiny new home at Norley Hall Adventure Playground – courtesy of the scheme!

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