We’ve Arrived!

After a slightly stressful move on Friday 20th January the Raw team are settling in nicely to our swanky new offices just up the road from our old home at the top of John Street.

Not only have we moved, a group of us are setting ourselves a personal challenge and taking part in the British Tough Mudder event, where six of us will be training for the 12 mile obstacle course taking place on 18th November 2012.

Training has already started and we are now entering week three of our 35 week training programme that has been kindly set up by Justin O’Halloran, local fitness trainer and owner of Performax Fitness in Pannal.

So far we have completed two outside runs, the first a 5km which involved us running through a dark forest, through lots of slippery mud and up the hills in and around the Valley Gardens in Harrogate. Due to the rain and level of unfitness between the majority of the group it’s safe to say it was quite a struggle, however it left the team feeling determined to continue with the challenge and get fit!

The second group session saw the team complete a 6km run. This time we missed out the muddy forest and kept to the roads. However it wasn’t a simple jog around Harrogate as we had all secretly hoped – Powerplate man had us all sprinting through the gardens to help increase our fitness levels and get us used to the feel of how the body relates to obstacles. The determination had set in and people had been doing their best to exercise outside of group sessions which made last week slightly more bearable than the first.

We are now getting ready for week three and will keep you updated with our progress. Help us keep up our motivation by following our progress and seeing how we do on the big event. A team picture will follow but for now why not enjoy our new office photograph – cleverly edited by the design monkeys of course 😉

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