The Mystery Of Pantone v CMYK

Pantone_juice_004What colour do you fancy today?

The reason I am posting this is that we have just had an incredibly complicated job go through the studio that involved the mystery of colour matching and I thought I’d try and explain a few things. So, in brief, this is how it went:

We had a client’s new brochure design to do and this was to match the colour on the previous brochure that was printed about three years ago using their own special Pantone Dark Blue.

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The True Value of a PR degree…

Hello there and welcome to my first RAWcous blog! First of all let me introduce myself, I’m Gem and I’ve been a member of the lovely RAW team since March this year.

After a four year Public Relations Degree at Leeds Met, I came out with a 2:1 BA (Hons) in PR and a year's worth of experience at Shepherd Engineering Services under my belt.  Engineering Services I hear you cry,

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