These are a few of our favourite tins

Raw is now ten years old! You can view it as a birthday or an anniversary, either way it’s a cause for celebration.
The traditional material to mark a tenth anniversary is tin. We could have used this an excuse to buy ourselves some tinnies, crack them open in the office and call it a day. Or we could do what we do best: get creative.
Members of the team picked an object to put in a tin – something that reminded them of their time at Raw or something they treasured.
Of course, Raw being Raw, there were a few tinnies involved … as well as wine and cocktails. Oops.

Tom – Account Executive
I’m putting in my dog Bertie. He’s an Irish Terrier, so he’s orange (his fur is anyway) and also completely mad. He’s pretty much an anthropomorphism for Raw. Clearly this is a picture of Bertie and not the real thing because I like my dog plus he doesn’t like small spaces but the sentiment remains the same!


Jo – Team Support
I’ve chosen our epic Raw Christmas parties – because they are always so entertaining! Drunken antics galore – I’ve printed some pictures off and added them to the tin


photo 1

John – Creative Artworker
I’m putting Rex in, my plastic “mood” dinosaur. He was given to me by Sam Ward (a sparkly PR girl) about four years ago. She got him from a Happy Meal™ and decided I’d like him. His head rotates so he has a happy face and an angry face so I use him to indicate approval or disdain of my colleagues as appropriate. Mostly he’s angry at Craig who takes great pleasure (or so it seems) knocking Rex off his perch when throwing job bags across the desk.
I’ll miss him, but that’s kind of the point, isn’t it?


IMG_2454 (2)

Ellie – Social Media Executive
Working at Raw is my first “proper” job and I’m so grateful for getting a job like this straight out of university. I wanted to use this tin project as an opportunity to acknowledge that and say thank you! I’ve put in my first ever pay cheque and business card as tokens of gratitude for Raw and helping me enter the world of work.
It didn’t feel quite right to just focus on the business side of things when thinking of Raw. Ever since my first day, I’ve felt very welcome here and enjoyed the banter of the office. We try to go to the pub every Friday (helped by the fact it’s a minute walk away us) and it’s lovely to see everyone relax in to weekend mode together. So I strolled over to our regular, Pitcher and Piano, to find a piece of memorabilia from there to add to the tin. The best I could do was a leaflet at the bar, which doesn’t exactly scream “enjoying company with colleagues” but the sentiment is there!

IMG_2453x 2
Emma – Senior Account Manager
In the tenth year of Raw Creative we saw our county proudly host the Grand Depart of the biggest cycling race in the world – Le Tour de France.
Raw HQ was in the middle of the excitement for the final stage at Harrogate. We saw the Prime Minister (David Cameron), Prince William and Kate, among other famous faces in our beautiful spa town.
We celebrated the special occasion with window decorations to show our support, and also created a seven part direct mail campaign for a client which saw superb creative and interesting facts about the sporting event. I’ve put a copy of this in the tin.
The Raw family were so proud to be part such a monumental event for Yorkshire, and even though Tom and I had to stuff thousands of yellow envelopes we still love the campaign.
P.S. The words of Tour de France race director Christian Prudhomme described Yorkshire’s Grand Depart as the “grandest” in the 111-year history of the race. Well, that’s no surprise – we are Yorkshire after all!


IMG_2452 (2)

Kirstyn – Managing Director
One of my favourite things is Michael Jackson’s Greatest Hits. From the start we have had Raw Radio on a Friday afternoon, although I don’t think it was always called that! Nadine Aspden (nee Mirza) was the original DJ and she was obsessed with Michael Jackson and so it was just solid MJ every week. The music has changed under the direction of DJ Craig but I will bet that Michael Jackson has still been played more than any other artist. I can never hear ‘Thriller’ without thinking of our early days at Moortown Corner.

Tushar – PR Team
I’ve only worked at Raw for two weeks so I don’t have a great deal of memories from my time here. I’ve decided to put my first tea mug along with my welcome note. It was a really nice touch getting my welcome note, and having my own tea mug was great too!

IMG_2451 2

Lily – Account Manager
I’m putting in the team photo from our tenth birthday meal out. We used my selfie stick to take it so I thought I was allowed to claim this photo as mine to put in the tin. We don’t have many team photos and I’m really happy we finally managed to take one.

photo 3 2

We also put it in the wine cork from the meal and an orange ribbon from our amazing cake.


IMG_2340 (2)

 IMG_2457 (2)

Happy birthday/ anniversary Raw – we can’t wait to see what the next ten years has in hold for us!

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