Raw pass the parcel campaign tests Harrogate’s festive spirit

Raw pass the parcel campaign tests Harrogate’s festive spirit

At Raw, we’re no strangers to Charity. Over the years we’ve helped numerous organisations such as Help for Heroes and St. Michaels Hospice, but this year we wanted to do things a little differently. We don’t want to just give to charity ourselves – we want other Harrogate businesses to give to charity with us.

This December we’re testing the town’s festive spirit with our Pass the Parcel Campaign for kids staying in Harrogate Hospital this Christmas.

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Column Inches at Christmas Time

It’s that time of year again – news desks across the country are being
snowed upon by a veritable avalanche of over branded, tenuous, Christmas-themed

The majority of these releases won’t see the light of day.

But for the Consumer PR – this is probably THE most crucial time of the
year to achieve column inches for your brand.

So what can you do to ensure your Christmas release doesn’t end up in
the bin?

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The Raw Studio Is On The Move!


The big move is on Friday the 20th January, and then fingers crossed we will be fully operational in our fresh new studio come Monday 23rd January. We are taking plenty of snaps of the big move, so no doubt they'll be a blog post made out of them showing off our new studio.

Im personally looking forward to getting my hands on the big blank walls at the minute.

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Merry Xmas – Create Your Own Santa!

Click on the image below to view our Christmas E-Card:


This years Xmas card from the Raw Creative Team.

Now that the year is coming to a close and we are all have our minds focussed on the festivities. We thought you may need a little distraction to pass the time. Once you have finished just follow the instructions to receive a slightly trickier challenge,

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That Time of Year again…

  Gossip girl winter
We are not even halfway through August and I’m sat writing this looking out onto grey, miserable skies. Sipping my warm coffee and dressed in what only could be described as winter attire (black) it seems once again our good old British summer has peaked too soon…

While other countries are perhaps reaching the hottest part of summer, it’s this time every year U.K shops are filling up with autumn/winter collections and that nagging Christmas feeling rears its head.

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Castles, cupcakes & consumer PR: my first week as a Raw Intern


Hello there! My name is Gina Reay and I’m the most recent newbie here at Raw.
I was absolutely delighted to be invited to spend a month interning as a PR Executive with the team in Harrogate. Since graduating with a Modern Languages degree and finishing my editorship of Bath University’s student newspaper, I have been tirelessly searching for my dream job in the PR & comms industry (would it sound too cheesy to say that I think now I might just have found it?!)

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Our newbie says hello!..

I’m pleased to announce that I’m Raw Creative’s ‘new girl’, taking over from Lisa Sayers as Head of PR.  It’s my first week at Raw and I’m excited about all the developments we’ve planned already including this blog, our new Twitter account (follow @RawCreativeLtd or visit our twitter feed on the right), in addition to lots of glossy events for our clients and of our own!  Watch this space!

The team section on our website is currently being developed by design genius / wizard / uber-talented bloke,

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