Should we sell harder?

I’ve just returned from a trip across America visiting New York, Miami and Los Angeles.  It was a mini adventure for sure!  I found some of the myths reigned true, others did not.  It is true that New York never sleeps and that the parties in Miami are legendary along with the year-round sunshine but most of all, L.A. pleasantly surprised me.

For a huge City brimming with stars and home to the famous (and infamous) areas of Hollywood, Bel Air and Beverly Hills, L.A. managed to balance the buzz with a laid back vibe, friendly people and a general happy-go-lucky attitude.

It was interesting to see how the PR and media worlds worked amidst this.  Everything, in terms of sales seemed so much more obvious, employing a harder sell in comparison to the UK.  There appeared to be a product and service for everything with longer TV ads and more media print magazines, newspapers and supplements in circulation. Unsurprisingly, there is a huge celebrity culture and interest with a great amount of celebrity endorsement creating interest and increasing consumer sales.

The highlight for me had to be the adverts on hair regrowth for men with the (not so) genuine before and after pictures and the ‘non-surgical eye-lifts’.

Worn on your eyelid in the socket line, these transparent invisible adhesive strips claim to give an ‘instant eyelift’ and make you look years younger by pulling up the eye area and lid to reduce droop.  I admit to shaking my head in disbelief when watching the ad but reportedly, catwalk models and celebrities such as Demi Moore and Jennifer Aniston are said to be fans of ‘the strip’.

I found the ad amusing at first but upon my return to the UK, I discovered a past report from the Daily Mail that we Brits have caught on too.  The article states that there was an advance on British orders of more than 15,000 when they went on sale online with stockists Harrods and Selfridges. This was back in November 2010.  I shouldn’t have scoffed!

It appears we are embracing the trends of our friends across the pond, though with more subtlety, but perhaps we could take a leaf out of their book and shout more openly about our products and services.

At least, that is exactly what we are doing here at Raw – shouting about our clients in style.  We’re not looking to recruit a Kardashian anytime soon but we are communicating with a loud and proud voice to outstand competitors.

It’s food for thought at least…


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