Raw try for a Chip Shop Award

Wonder Mall Chip Shop Award

Wonder Mall Chip Shop Award

Well after a few years of meaning to enter, I finally got something in.

drum_chip-shop-awardsFirstly a little bit about the awards, The Chip Shop Awards are about fostering and recognising creativity with no boundaries and no rules. Your advert could be in bad taste, for a client you don’t have or haven’t a hope in winning. It is right up my street and previous work entered is generally hilarious, or extremely clever. It’s the kind of advert you may come up with in the pub and scribble on the back of a beer mat.

The problem I have always had, is remembering those gems of an idea when it comes round to entry time. However this time I had one in the bag, it was an advert for The Trafford Centre in Manchester. I actually did this one lunchtime for another fun competition called ‘One Minute Briefs‘ with the topic, promote Manchester. It was my first entry into that, and it won, so I thought it was worth an entry.

The advert itself plays on the famous Manchester born ‘Oasis’ brothers, and their huge hit ‘Wonderwall’. A simple design that manipulates the Trafford Centre logo to get the message across. I hope the rest is self evident and wonderful, otherwise it’s really not doing a good job. I really can’t see Noel and Liam Gallagher in the habit of supporting shopping centres, and it is also now the ‘Intu trafford centre’ with new branding and logo, but that’s the point of the awards, and once upon a time in the 90’s it could have definitely maybe worked.

Nominations were released today, and unfortunately it didn’t make the final eight selected. A little disappointed obviously, but determined to get a step further next year.

If you haven’t checked out the awards, take a look. The Chip Shop Awards and One Minute Briefs are great for getting the creative juices going, so get involved. Also no need to be a professional so perfect for students or anyone with an interest.

Let me know your thoughts?

These are a few of the other Chip Shop style adverts I have done in the past, but have never entered.

Mix It Up




A couple of slightly ruder ones, but if you are easily offended maybe don’t look at some of the not safe for work, Chip Shop Awards.



Hope a few of them made you chuckle a little, thanks for reading

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