Raw got Quizzical at the CIPR Charity Quiz Event

What better way to spend a Thursday evening than competing with your work colleagues against industry rivals, in a battle of wits and knowledge, all in the name of charity?! That’s exactly what we did last night at the CIPR Charity Event held at the Alea Casino.

Pre-quiz we spent hours swatting up in the office, rigorously printing off and filling in pub quizzes,  cramming in as much general knowledge as we could. We had impromptu pop quizzes and read recent news stories;  testing each other on the way to the venue – we felt prepared and ready for victory, we even had an truly inspired (and witty) team name at hand!

We arrived to see a sea of people on the top floor of the casino. Whilst waiting for drinks we sized up our competition and, as the opportunists we are (and taking a leaf from X Factor) – we decided to create a SUPER-Group, merging together the expertise of both Raw and Dinosaur PR (it was
only after they agreed to our team name that we knew we had made a great

We found the quiz a challenge at times, but excelled on the first round (we were off on a great start!) which was Recent News (we can thank our incessant Radio 1 addiction, and the Metro on our commutes); we whizzed through the rounds, and enjoyed Fish & Chips dinner. We decided to play our
Joker card in the Music within Film category, although we got 8/10 (a great effort), next year we will definitely be playing that card in the Recent News round.

To add to the excitement of the quiz, and learning to play roulette (with just chips before letting loose downstairs with real money) we got to take part Lucky Numbers (**not Bingo**) before each round – Which Craig won! We enjoyed the spoils of the prize together this morning to soothe the pain of
coming joint 6th.

All in all, we had a fabulous time, and we’ll be swatting up until next year; we’ve got 1st place in our sights!

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