The Raw Facts of Christmas

We love Christmas in the Raw Creative offices and decided to do a bit of research. We looked at how Santa Claus evolved through the ages, what our Christmas spending habits are like and the most popular Christmas toys ever. Along the way we found out a whole lot more too so, without further ado, here are some of the things we’ve learned in our Raw Facts of Christmas. Enjoy!


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New Website Launch for Christmas

New Website Launch for Christmas

Well it has been a long time in the making, but as you know it is always your own projects that get pushed to the back of the queue. However after an extremely busy run up to Christmas for Raw Creative, a little gap was found to get some finishing touches made.

There’s no place like VQ


We decided to approach the people who pull the strings at Victoria Quarter Leeds, with our proposed creative and ideas for VQ's seasonal events in 2013. They were very impressed with what we produced and to our surprise asked us to produce the creative for this years big summer event based on the Wizard of Oz.

We were delighted to get the opportunity and above is an example of the creative.

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The Mystery Of Pantone v CMYK

Pantone_juice_004What colour do you fancy today?

The reason I am posting this is that we have just had an incredibly complicated job go through the studio that involved the mystery of colour matching and I thought I’d try and explain a few things. So, in brief, this is how it went:

We had a client’s new brochure design to do and this was to match the colour on the previous brochure that was printed about three years ago using their own special Pantone Dark Blue.

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100 Photo Challenge


I got some inspiration from an old colleague’s blog Becca had decided to take part in a photo challenge taking a photo on a different subject everyday for 30 days.

So I decided to take this a little further, setting myself the challenge of capturing my life. The plan is to take a photo or select one of many attempts, that represents a key point of the day for 100 continuous days.

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PR Account Manager, Sam Ward on her long-running obsession…

I stumbled across Dog Judo by accident; I had just been given a new iPod as a gift and having ambled along with a Shuffle for years was finally discovering the joys of podcasts.

20 months, countless episodes and one cracking t-shirt later, I still watch Dog Judo religiously every other Thursday – to the point that it’s become a bit of an obsession.

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I Found A Blood Donation Advert At The Chip Shop Awards

With the Chip Shop Award winners being announced in just a matter of hours, The Drum has highlighted a few of the many entries to feature actor Charlie Sheen. Who was on the mind of many creatives as the sacked catchphrase spouting twitter legend.

One of the entries takes on a subject I talked about tackling on our blog the other day, 'Giving New Life To Corporate Identity'. Which was all about an identity for organ donation and how I wanted to have a go at blood donation.

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