2,537 votes were received all together, 1,863 on the Facebook page and 704 in the ballot box.

During the period that the Voting Application was live on the Grange & Pyramids Facebook page (from Wednesday 24th April until Saturday 4th May) the Centre received 1,037 new fans on Facebook with 411 new fans on the first day.

Facebook posts regarding the competition also received the highest user engagement levels of the month for both April and May. Single posts reached up to 6,400 impressions and 1,061 engaged users.

Model Mania Stats


Model Mania – Grange & Pyramids

The centre ran a modelling competition with 30 entrants shortlisted. We designed and built a Facebook application that allowed people to vote for their favourite online. In order to vote, people had to like the page.



Date5 January 2014

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