Newbie in the office!

At 18 years old, it seemed a good
idea to fly the coup and move 300 miles away to a city that was soon to be
branded the ‘saddest place to live in Britain’. Guessed yet? I moved all
the way north to Aberdeen
for university. After too many cold years, I’ve managed to escape and move back
to my homeland of Yorkshire with a
Communication with Public Relations degree.

After four weeks holding up at my
family home in Ripon, living out of boxes/bags and job hunting, I’m so lucky to be
able to begin my career as a Junior Design Account Handler with Raw Creative in
Harrogate. During my interview, I knew this
job was the one. It’s now 4:38pm on
my first day, and I am so excited to get fully immersed in everything! Someone
said to me that my first day in a job would be the first day of working for the
rest of my life. But I don’t see it like that – it is the first day of doing
what I love in the perfect environment. I couldn’t ask for more!

A few facts:

– I’m an avid Newcastle United
fan, who professes to be a Geordie born in Yorkshire.

– You can find me on a Saturday afternoon chasing a red leather ball and
sporting a piece of willow.

– I have two nicknames which
seemed to have stuck (thanks to the cricket boys), ‘Disco’ and ‘TPT’.

Here is the irony about my
journey so far (once I’ve moved to Harrogate) – I will have moved from the
‘saddest place to live in Britain’
to the ‘happiest town to live in the UK’. And I couldn’t be happier!

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