New Cadbury’s ad

Cadbury’s has recently released the latest spot in its Glass and a Half Full Productions film series for Dairy Milk. The new ad sees various items of clothing in a charity shop burst into a choreographed piece of dance once the shop has closed. Set to Jermaine Stewart’s ‘You Don’t Have To Take Your Clothes Off’ which helps get the advert stuck in your head.

The last time a Cadbury ad caused such a stir, the talk was about who was inside the gorilla costume – with Phil Collins rumoured to be the man. This advert also caused me and my mates to hire a gorilla costume for a charity Stars In Their Eyes performance, but lets not go in to that. This time everyone wants to know how these ’empty’ outfits dance with no CGI used or strings attached.

Well we can now reveal the secret. Lots of viewers have been debating online how the scenes were shot. Now we can confirm that dancing adults were concealed inside larger-than-life outfits – with no CGI required.

The lo-tech advert is set in a charity shop and trained dancers made the costumes move, nineteen dancers spent two weeks training in a gym in the Czech capital Prague before the cameras rolled. All props, costumes and furniture were custom-made at twice their normal size.

A Cadbury spokesman said: ‘They were effectively blind within the suits. They had to rehearse heavily to ensure they could perform without crashing into things.’

Sam Hibbard, from Fallon the advertising agency responsible, said: ‘People now are so used to CGI so we wanted to create the ad in a traditional very lo-fi way. It’s almost a performance rather than an ad.’

Whilst I love the ideas that can be created using CGi. It is fantastic to see ideas and concepts been produced using relatively low tech whilst still achieving great work. Not sure what Dairy Milk chocolate has got to do with it though…

Here is another great example it reminded me of, the fantastic one take music video by Ok Go‘Here It Goes Again’ absolute genius and an all time favourite of mine that I would love to try and repeat in the gym.

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