Introducing The Red..

Hello! Caio! Bonjour! Hallo! Hola! Sua-dei! Kia ora! Xin Chao! Sawa dee-ka! (Understand much?)

I’ve never actually written on a blog before but I guess seen as this is my first one I should let the good people reading this know a little bit about me, actually a name would be a good start wouldn’t it! Well I’m Jo Illingworth, and yes j-o, I am female, NOT j-o-e as commonly and much to my annoyance my name is spelt. It is not just a boy’s name, I am not a BOY! Pheww, rant over, shall I move on now?

I am one of the newer members of Raw and the baby of the team! At 20, I haven’t been to university; instead, after obtaining three B grade A-levels in Business, Psychology and Media Studies, I went on a gap year! From experiencing the wildlife of South Africa (and falling in love with the Saffa accent!), flinging myself off a bridge and plummeting 216m deep, jumping out of a plane over the snowy mountains of New Zealand, I could go on, the usual once in a life time experiences! How many of you can join me in saying they have eaten a roasted tarantula! A surprisingly tasty treat! So 10 months, and 10 countries later including, S.Africa, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Australia, New Zealand, the Cook Islands and the US… ALAS, I am back on home soil. Although now I have the bug, the bug to see more, how long it will be till I get itchy feet again I don’t know, but for now my I’m enjoying living in a flat not only in walking distance from the bars, but a few minutes to my fab job at the Creative communications agency that is RAW!

So I started working here as work experience in late March, doing bits and bobs for different people, generally getting my feelers out for my first experience in the industry. I had a place to study Media and Advertising at university except I have decided to not take that path, and instead start from the bottom of the ladder and learn about the industry from experience rather than lectures. I’ve already spent half a year with a hangover after tubing in Laos, cruising the Whitsundays in Aus and a like, so the student life isn’t a priority and I’m looking at building a career now. I do however make sure i have a good social life! Only last night actually in Viper Rooms, Harrogate, but i won’t go further..

The lovely Bethanie Mardon, my new boss, has recently given me the title of PR Executive and under her watch and guidance I hope to improve my skills for the role; along with learning tips from the PR pros and equally lovely people Gem Clarkson and Sam Ward.

Well, it’s been emotional! I’ll check in soon with something or other to say, I will try and make it interesting.


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