Good fruit gone bad

Avocado Hand and the Cloud Eggs… Not only is this the name of my next band, it also happens to be the culmination of the current top food news.


Avocado Hand

It’s been quite the fall from grace for the ‘grammable green fruit. It really Hass. In a modern day morality tale, unseen since the likes of Dorian Grey, filters, hashtags and the occasional radish garnish have worked to conceal the sinister secrets of the avocado.


Once the face of the clean eating revolution, often accompanied by its sourdough sidekick, the fruit took its first reputational hit when it was revealed to be causing mass illegal deforestation and water wastage in Mexico. Now it’s made headlines again and, this time, the story is much closer to home.

No doubt disappointing its fan base in the world of wellness, the good fruit gone bad has been sending innocent victims running for the doctors. Leading plastic surgeon, Simon Eccles has said that he treats roughly four patients per week for cuts resulting from attempts to cut into an avo and/or remove the stone. Hospital workers have now named the affliction ‘avocado hand’ and there have been calls for a health warning to be introduced.

The backlash to clean eating has been well documented and this latest development will do nothing to stem the tide of gleeful online hipster bashing. If nothing else, the story displays a clear discrepancy between the speeds at which a trend can spread, compared to acquiring the ability to safely make your own avocado toast.


Cloud Eggs

On the topic of ‘grammable food, there are few things as satisfying on screen as an oozing yolk. Cloud eggs are currently causing a storm, with fluffy whites racking up likes. Too easily dismissed as another health food fad, we’d suggest that the latest breakfast incarnation has merely been the beneficiary of a social media makeover.

Believe it or not, cloud eggs have existed for years, under less catchy titles such as ‘whipped eggs’ or ‘baked eggs’. And though we’d hate to say that we knew them before they were cool, we did. Here’s some we whipped up earlier (say, 2015), served on top of fried bread, with prosciutto and truffle. Soz.


The point here is not to brag, but to exemplify how a social media-friendly rebrand can lift a recipe out of relative obscurity, straight into the mainstream. A recent article in The Times, which instructs readers to ‘blame Instagram for this trend’, is correct insofar as recent popularity is concerned, but it paints a misleading picture regarding the origins of the dish. Context is key. Cloud eggs are not a product of Instagram, but they have certainly found themselves a suitable home on the platform. So if you’re constantly on the hunt for the next big thing, it may be worth having a look through the archives first.

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