Coming soon IKEA extreme

I recently received this image in an email. I don’t know where it originated but it got me thinking and made me laugh.

It could be a starting point for some great advertising for IKEA.

IKEA tool Coming Soon IKEA extreme.

Beginners kits also available in store.

Featuring the 3 Draw Bedside Table
and the TV Stand.

Most of you have mastered the allen key, but can you handle this. If not just stick to the assembly kits you know and continue to get more for less!

Playful thinking can lead to the best ideas, start with the most ridiculous ideas that would never be practical. Once you have several ideas look back at what you have come up with and
see if any of them or parts of them can be used and made
more practical.

For instance, you need to think of a way to stop an intruder getting into your home. Ridiculous idea – Stop any unknown that opens the door by shooting them. Now that’s stupid and would probably get you into a lot of trouble but make this idea practical. Is there anything that could block entry to an unknown once the door is opened or restrain them? A cage or a gas that knocks them out.

When you are in the creative process don’t be governed by budgets and other constraints. Let your imagination run, then bring it back if necessary.

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