Now you can’t go to a festival with a name like John Smith (sorry, all the John Smiths. Nothing personal.) You need a proper festival name.  Because going somewhere like Glastonbury can lead to lying in the Healing Fields pondering, life, the universe, and wondering who you really are. Nothing doing on the first two, but fortunately, we can help with that last one. Find out your festival name and base all your future decisions on it.

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Yes, the time is upon us.  Glastonbury beckons. Which means our very own festival veteran, Sam Orbaum, has talked of nothing else for weeks and is about to put on his #Glasto OOO.   To compensate for his absence, and in the sure and certain knowledge that nobody else knows (cares?) as much as he does, he’s left us with the…


Since the first 1,500 people arrived in Pilton in 1970 to the mammoth 170,000 strong crowds that now pack the fields of Worthy Farm,

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Good fruit gone bad

Good fruit gone bad

Avocado Hand and the Cloud Eggs… Not only is this the name of my next band, it also happens to be the culmination of the current top food news.


Avocado Hand

It’s been quite the fall from grace for the ‘grammable green fruit. It really Hass. In a modern day morality tale, unseen since the likes of Dorian Grey, filters, hashtags and the occasional radish garnish have worked to conceal the sinister secrets of the avocado.

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Raw on Tour

Working in PR and digital marketing doesn’t mean a lifetime stuck behind a desk. We’re constantly on the road, visiting clients, attending events and more. Just like Chloe here, making short work of the journey to our client, Lion Walk Shopping Centre, in Colchester.



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#strongnotskinnyMy Instagram feed is currently taken up by friends, acquaintances and celebrity women posting empowering #strongnotskinny #girlsthatlift #crossfit posts. Several years ago the thought of women lifting weights wouldn’t occur to the majority of us.  Why? Because the fear of looking too muscular, losing our curves, gaining weight, stopped us. The topic revolved around appearance rather than accomplishment.

This has now changed completely, and while it would be overly simplistic to credit Instagram with single-handedly addressing the gender gap in the gym,

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The Raw Facts of Christmas

We love Christmas in the Raw Creative offices and decided to do a bit of research. We looked at how Santa Claus evolved through the ages, what our Christmas spending habits are like and the most popular Christmas toys ever. Along the way we found out a whole lot more too so, without further ado, here are some of the things we’ve learned in our Raw Facts of Christmas. Enjoy!


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The all-important topic on everyone’s lips is, of course, the Olympics.  It’s being discussed non-stop; perhaps because Britain is doing a pretty damn good job winning medals!  In fact, Team GB has amassed 13 medals so far; it certainly makes us all very proud…. but it’s also led to some social media spats.

Jack Laugher and Chris Mears won Great Britain’s first Olympic diving medal with victory in the men’s synchronised 3m springboard in Rio (well done guys!).

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