Best prank ever: Stopping time at Grand Central Station

I would have loved to have been there. It is possibly one of the most astounding (visually at least) stunts ever pulled. No exaggeration–just watch the video.

Over 200 New Yorkers recently walked into one of the busiest train stations in the world, New York’s Grand Central Station, and at exactly 2:30 pm, all froze in place. There’s one guy in the video who froze just as he was stooping down to pick up some scattered papers. That shows commitment.

There is even people taking photo’s, How does that work!?

This just highlights the possibilities if you look beyond the safe options. Check out the full story and background at improv everywhere.

Backed by popular demand and after Improv Everywhere‘s prank caused such a stir they bring you part two of the performance-art group’s “frozen in time” prank. This time, it’s London and because a lot more people showed up, it looks even more impressive.

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