The Raw Facts of Christmas

We love Christmas in the Raw Creative offices and decided to do a bit of research. We looked at how Santa Claus evolved through the ages, what our Christmas spending habits are like and the most popular Christmas toys ever. Along the way we found out a whole lot more too so, without further ado, here are some of the things we’ve learned in our Raw Facts of Christmas. Enjoy!


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That Time of Year again…

  Gossip girl winter
We are not even halfway through August and I’m sat writing this looking out onto grey, miserable skies. Sipping my warm coffee and dressed in what only could be described as winter attire (black) it seems once again our good old British summer has peaked too soon…

While other countries are perhaps reaching the hottest part of summer, it’s this time every year U.K shops are filling up with autumn/winter collections and that nagging Christmas feeling rears its head.

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