100 Photo Challenge

I got some inspiration from an old colleague’s blog beccacaddy.com. Becca had decided to take part in a photo challenge taking a photo on a different subject everyday for 30 days.

So I decided to take this a little further, setting myself the challenge of capturing my life. The plan is to take a photo or select one of many attempts, that represents a key point of the day for 100 continuous days. Then adding a title to each one and combining to create a nice piece of art for my wall at home. Hopefully it will tell a nice story of the Summer Of ’11’ (Not sure Bryan Adams would have used that as a lyric though).

The 1st July is as good a day as any to start, and hopefully I will keep up with it. I will post some of my daily photos on twitter if you want to follow me @CraigJMarshall. Or join in and start your own 100 day flick book? Let me know how you get on if you do.

6 days till I start, lets see what happens.

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